Best Halong Bay View from Poem Mountain


Poem Mountain or Bai Tho Mountain is one of the most famous place for both local people and tourists, especially those looking for the best Halong view from the top.



“Immense country, hundreds of rivers into flanking

Mountains, strewn with scattered as pieces, instant sky cliffs…”


That is a part of the poem by King Le Thanh Tong carved on the limestone mountain in Halong Bay in 1468, which gave the mountain its name – Poem Mountain. The mountain is about 200m above the sea, lying between Halong City and Halong Bay. So after climbing for 30 minutes, the view from the top is a big reward!












It is a bit hard to find the narrow lane leading to the staircase at foot of the mountain, as it is behind shops. The best way to find it is to start from Halong Market, and go to Hang Noi Street then ask the local people where to come in. You can keep your motorbikes or car at the shop there. Once you found the lane, there will be a small gate which is also leading to a family who take care of the mountain – call them if it’s locked and you may have to give them 10.000 per person.








Remember to buy water before climbing, as there is no shop along the way. There is no trash bin, so please bring your trash back to the foot.








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