Meet The Staff

Both majored in tour guiding, our path to becoming co-founders of Incense Travel began with our bicycle trip, soon after joining the Hanoi Open University in 2003. As enthusiast tourism students, we pedaled the countryside and endeared ourselves to the local people in provinces in Northern Vietnam. Since then, we have well-travelled Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. By founding Incense Travel as a travel expert, we are now providing our insider knowdlege and personal expertise in handcrafted luxury travel to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.


Joe Do, Co-founder/ Operations


Joe was born in a farming village on the Red River bank, and made his way to the city of Hanoi for the tourism college in 2002. Starting out as a tour guide, Joe took groups throughout Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. As a freelancer, he got opportunities to work with best tour operators in the region, and gained a deep knowledge of leisure travels.


His passion for handcrafted travels was sparked on a month long trip throughout Vietnam and Cambodia in 2011 – when he was leading a group of veterans and historians coming back to the battlefields. Since that life-changing journey, he has been continued to explore the world by engaging with local experts in the history, culture, fine arts …



Pham Tuyen, Co-founder/ Marketing


For the recent many years now Vietnam still remains something mysterious to most of people in the world. They know more about Vietnam through the wars on TV or books rather than Vietnam in real life.


And for the past 10 years and more Tuyen has been assisting his clients to discover the hidden charm of Vietnam and giving them the answer to that myth. With his local expertise about every destination, he researches, refines and provides a wide range of local knowledge from culture to history, everyday life to economy and politics… to his travelers all over the world. Tuyen has been recognized for his passion to travel and professionalism in what he delivers.


He has always been reaching for dedication, determination and thirst for adventure to give his clients the best travel experiences when visiting Vietnam.