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This capital city of Cambodia is a heaving crossroads of times and culture, it is a city on the edge of everything bringing together Khmer, Chinese and French influences in a vibrant mash.


Phnom Penh used to be one of the well preserved French colonial cities in Southeast Asia. Today, once sleepy streets run thick with motor scooters and lusty cars. Locating at the confluence of three rivers, the Tonle Bassac, the Tonle Sap, and the Mekong, Phnom Penh is the heart of Cambodia. From markets to temples, the sobering Tuol Slen Genocide Museum to the Killing Fields, and from the charming Royal Palace to the quaint National Museum… the best of Cambodian culture is on display in this city.


Incense Travel’s tour guide will take you deeper into the history of Cambodia, show you the heart of this exquisite city, and feast you the finest food – both the traditional and progressive. 


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