Land of the legendary Khmer Empire, the Kingdom of Cambodia is an enchanting wonder with uniquely ancient temples, dense forests, captivating history and glorious beaches. Leaving decades of civil war ravaging the country behind, the resilient Khmer people are welcoming with their open hands, which is the highlight of any visit to Cambodia.


Cambodia is the perfect luxury holiday destination for those who want to unveil the legacy of an ancient civilization, immerse themselves into the cultural richness of the country they are visiting. Whether you are looking for a natural beauty, cultural adventure, or exotic flavors, Incense Travel’s Cambodia luxury travel packages will be sure to tempt your imaginations.


Your visit to Cambodia wouldn’t be completed with a visit to the iconic and breathtaking Angkor Wat. The temple is especially beautiful at sunrise, the iconic shot of the temple in the early morning light is well worth getting up early for. Built to replicate the heavens on earth, the dazzling temples of Angkor require a couple of your days in Siem Reap to explore at your leisure.


While you are in Cambodia, get a taste of rural Cambodian riverside life with a visit to the Tonle Sap Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The river swells by five time its size every year, flooding the surrounding forests and plains, and creating a rich and diverse ecosystem in the area. Cruise on the lake to see the local fishermen at work and children playing by the riverside. Sit at one of the waterside cafés and enjoy delicious Khmer cuisine, where there is the opportunity to spot some of Cambodia’s colorful birds and other wildlife living amongst the mangroves, or enjoy the breezy tunes of Cambodian folk music.


The flavor of Cambodian cuisine comes from a blend of spices that generically known as “Kroeung” - a blended paste of galangal, garlic, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, which is more aromatic and less spicy than cooking elsewhere in the region.


Cambodia will fascinate you and your party with her diversity, Incense Travel’s holiday packages engage with local experts in Cambodia will help you unveil Cambodia’s beauty on a personal basis. View our sample itinerary to luxury travel Cambodia below and speak with Incense Travel’s expert to create a Cambodia holiday that you want.