Bhaya Classic Cruises


Launched its first cruise back in the summer of 2007, Bhaya Classic Cruises is a member of what is now Halong Bay's largest fleet of cruise ships. The 4 Bhaya Classic Cruises are constructed in a classic, oriental style, while incorporating modern facilities catering to every aspect of passenger comfort.


Each of the Bhaya Classic Cruises has between 15 and 20 cabins, the relatively small design creating informal, warm spaces promoting a convivial feel on board. A refurbishment programme carried out in August 2015 has given the boats a fresh new look.



Bhaya Classic Cruises are wooden boats constructed in the traditional oriental style long favoured by shipbuilders in this area. The construction material and style of the boats give them a classic feel which sets them apart from most cruise vessels around the world. On board, you will find atmospheric spaces which speak of the heritage design, and the small ship concept encourages a cozy feel which makes a Bhaya Classic cruise a pleasantly social affair. The colour scheme on board is a fusion of the rich browns of hardwood, white, and turquoise blue trim with red highlights. The wooden furniture on board only heightens the sense of timeless elegance which seems a natural extension of Halong Bay itself.


The Capacity


The Bhaya Classic ships each have from 15 to 20 cabins, for a passenger capacity ranging from 40 to 60 persons. Normal cabin capacity is up to 2 adults and 1 child. In addition to cruise passengers, each boat will carry a full crew, varying between 15 and 25 team members depending on the boat and the number of passengers. Apart from the private space within your cabin, the boat's open-plan restaurant and bar area, as well as the sundeck on the top level, offer ample space for socializing with other passengers, or for simply enjoying the scenery on your own.




Freshly renovated in 2015, Bhaya Classic’s Deluxe cabins are tastefully appointed under the inspiration of Halong Bay’s exquisite natural beauty. Subtle shades of green and brown create an elegant and harmonic atmosphere.



Panoramic windows in each cabin face breath-taking limestone islands and connect passengers with the fresh air and 24/7 scenery of the bay, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable Halong Bay cruise. At 12.5 square meters, each cabin includes two twin beds or one queen size double bed that can accommodate up to two passengers.


Equipped with high quality bedding and bathroom amenities, Deluxe cabins provide worry-free stays for guests. Passenger safety is always taken into account, with a full emergency equipment kit and fire alarm system installed in each room.








Each Bhaya Classic boat is fitted with two Terrace Suites. Located on the upper deck of the ship, the Terrace Suite is a fancier option for discerning travellers who want to enjoy a more meaningful cruising experience in Halong Bay.



At 16.5 square meters, the stylish Terrace Suite well represents the ancient emperor’s junk in providing generous space for a comfortable stay. Passengers will find a well-equipped cabin with an extra sofa bed, high quality amenities, bedding and bathtub. The private terrace in each room provides an impressive panoramic view of Halong Bay, where passengers can enjoy a private dinner and tea party.





Terrace Suites can accommodate up to three passengers per cabin (two adults and one child less than 12 years old).





Bhaya Classic's third deck offers a tastefully designed open restaurant and bar area, where guests can enjoy a remarkable culinary experience thanks to the mastery of our experienced chefs and dedicated staff. Delicious meals can be followed up by your choice of a nightcap, as our skilled bartender has a wide repertoire of cocktails and other treats.






On the top level of the Bhaya Classic is the ship's sundeck. Perhaps the most iconic place from which to enjoy the majestic scenery of Halong Bay as it unfolds around you, the sundeck is equipped simply with wooden loungers and cushions, coffee tables and umbrellas. More than a few of our guests spend large portions of their cruise up on the sundeck, enjoying a good book or a drink, sunbathing, photographing the bay, or simply relaxing with friends new and old, all while cruising through Halong Bay's vertical limestone labyrinths.






The Bhaya Classic spa features a unique, open-air zone which is tailor made to incorporate the awesome and quieting energy of Halong Bay into your massage or health treatment. Amidst the fresh sea atmosphere, bask in your calm and majestic surroundings as you enjoy the benefits of a traditional massage, skin care or beauty treatment.





At Bhaya Classic, the safety and security of our guests and team members is paramount. Before each cruise begins, all of our cruise passengers take part in a safety briefing. Our team members on the boat are well acquainted with all on-board safety systems and undergo rigorous monthly safety training. Bhaya Classic boats are all equipped with integrated boat-wide alarm systems, life rings, life rafts and fire extinguishers. Each passenger cabin is connected to the alarm system, and is equipped with a fire extinguisher, hammer, flashlight and life jackets. When it comes to safety, there are no short-cuts.



  • Launched since 2007
  • Featuring 4 Classic Junks
  • All are wooden junk with morden facilities
  • 15 to 20 cabins each boat
  • Available for charter