Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is helpful should you need to cancel your trip due to illness (either yourself, an immediate family member, or a traveling companion) or for emergency medical care, evacuation, or baggage loss.


We recommend that all travelers purchase travel insurance. It is important to purchase insurance before non-refundable cancellation penalties go into effect. You should review the payment and cancellation schedule of your specific trip before you sign up and then evaluate when the insurance should be purchased. The latest that travel insurance can be purchased for a trip is at or before the time of final payment.





Incense Travel has collaborated with apartments for processing visas to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia where travelers are required to have entry visas – please note that requirements vary by traveler’s nationality and destination. The visa fees, as well as any applicable consular fees and shipping fees, are not included in our tour cost. The amounts of the visa fees, which are stated on the application, vary by destination.