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Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Northeast of Vietnam, is one of the most famous tourist sites in Southeast Asia. Literally mean “bay of descending dragons”, Halong Bay is most famously known for its beautiful limestone formations rising out of emerald waters. It’s more beautiful when you cruise through the islets, paddle your kayaks to get up close to the limestone rocks.


Yes, the bay is best seen by boat and explored by ocean kayak, those offerings the most appropriate introduction to this mysterious geological wonder. As local experts, we can arrange the best mode of transport for your excursion, a high quality sea kayak and gears for adventure lover, and luxurious junk – Vietnamese classic cruising boat for leisure traveler.


Featuring an area of about 600 square miles of outstanding natural settings, the picturesque Halong Bay has 1969 islets rising from the calm waters of the Tonkin Gulf. Most of islets is topped with tiny layer of rainforest, dotted with wind- and wave-eroded grottoes and hidden sandy beaches scattering all over the bay. This area is perfect for a hideaway, for swimming and relaxation.


Incense Travel’s expert guides can take you to the hidden coves, direct you to paddle your kayak to tranquil lagoons along the way, and climb Titov island for the panoramic views over the bay.


Allow Incense Travel’s expert consultants to arrange the perfect Halong Bay cruise trip within your Indochina itinerary. This is the perfect place to take a seaplane and see most of the region from the above.


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Cruise and Explore Halong Bay

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, the northeast of Vietnam, Halong Bay has an area of around 1,553 km featuring 1,969 islets, most of which are limestone formations. The best way to experience the beauty of Halong Bay is by boat, an overnight cruise on a traditional

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