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Nestling at the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An is a relic of time gone by. Once the Southeast Asian trading port, this well-preserved ancient town still retains remnants of its trading days, evident through a mix of eras – the styles from wooden Chinese shops, the temples to colorful French colonial buildings, the ornate Vietnamese tube houses, and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge.


The primary Thu Bon river silted up and put an end to its importance as a trading port in 19th century, which prevented the town from booming into the industrial revolution. The Hoi An today reflects the dreamy atmosphere, the slow pace of life, and the unique blend of influences. It is home to lively markets, abundance of souvenirs, and tailor shops.


The central town of Hoi An has been so stunningly preserved that it earned the status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is where you will see the streets still lined with old tile-roofed shop houses, colorful communal halls and shady pagodas. Hoi An is even more magical when the sun goes down, as the local light up the narrow streets with their traditional lanterns, giving the little town a romantic glow and simple beauty.


The charms of Hoi An are not only the iconic architecture demonstrating foreign influences, but also the classic Vietnamese houses dating back generations, many of which are still inhabited. Spend some time with the local fishermen catching fish at the sun set while enjoying tiny basket boats navigate the water-coconut-lined waterways, and observing the traditional way of life of farmers in the scenic countryside of the Hoi An town.


Hoi An’s surroundings are ideal for exploring by bicycle, a leisurely ride through friendly Tra Que’s vegetable farms, An Bang Beach, and jump on the local ferry near the market to head cross to Cam Kim Island are memorable experiences. Incense Travel’s expert guides will outfit you with a comfortable bicycle, ensure that a van with plenty of refreshments is always within reach.


Known for its diverse and excellent food, a legacy of the many nationalities, Hoi An is a great place take part in a local cooking class. There is a selection of dishes; fresh spring rolls, crispy pancakes, beef noodle salad and beyond. Contact Incense Travel now to weave this treasure of Vietnam into your Indochina itinerary.


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