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Locating in central Vietnam, Hue was the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945. Though many historical values were damaged during the Tet Offensive - one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War, this ancient city now still bears the marks of its royal past, making this small city a must-see in any Vietnam tour.


As a former royal capital, Hue was home to 13 Nguyen emperors – Vietnam’s last dynasty. The city holds the remnants of palaces, tombs, and temples, providing a fascinating glimpse into the royal life and the luxurious world of the court. It tells a lot about the traditions and the beliefs of the Vietnamese in the past as well as present day.


Giving you a taste of both the physical and spiritual world through the harmony of location and space is the Imperial Palace, a Feng Shui built architecture. By far, the Imperial Palace is the most visited site in Hue, where you will explore red lacquered pavilions, wander through ancient garden houses, and the original king throne once served the country’s powerful emperors.


Take a dragon boat ride along the Perfume River, explore the Tombs of the Emperors to see how rulers prepared and appointed their home for afterlives. Just like other dynastic rulers around the world, the Nguyen emperors confronted death with the same extravagance they demonstrated in life, luxurious tombs were ordered to be build many years before death.


Living and working hard among the royal tombs surrounding the city are the famers and humble rural workers, and still remain hard at work today. Just outside of the city is the charming Thanh Toan Bridge, a great stop to observe rural life along your drive through the countryside.


Allow Incense Travel’s team of local experts and experienced guides to enhance your experience visiting Hue, bring you the best Hue has to offer, from imperial to scenic, from history to great local cuisine. 


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