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Ho Chi Minh City, commonly called Saigon, which was the capital of the Republic of South Vietnam (South Vietnam) and famous for the pivotal role it played during the Vietnam War. Though Ho Chi Minh City is no longer the capital, it is still the largest city in Vietnam, boasting over 11 million people.


Locating on the southern tip of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City lies on the banks of Saigon River and the shore of the East Sea. Ever since the war ended in 1975, Saigon is always a whirlwind of historical attractions, with famous sites at every turn and never enough time to see them all.  


While you are in Ho Chi Minh City, take some time to see the Independent Palace, which is the city’s iconic landmark not to be missed by any tourist. This was where the tank #843 of North Vietnam crashed through the palace gates and ended the war in 1975.


Incense Travel’s guides can specially arrange a handcrafted tour for those fascinated by military history, such as a meet with a Vietnamese war veteran at Cu Chi tunnels – a hideaway for Vietcong leaders during the war. Allow us to tailor a good blend of natural exploration, historical education, and relaxation that will give you and your party something to look forward to on the itinerary.


For those who want to get a feeling of the modern advances of the city, explore Ben Thanh Market. Locating in the center of the city, Ben Thanh Market and its surrounding streets comprise one of Ho Chi Minh City’s liveliest areas, it forms the heart of downtown District 1, bustling with activity from early morning until late at night.


Colonial attractions in Ho Chi Minh City includes War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, and Jade Emperor Pagoda. With our guide, you can immerse yourself as much as you like, or as little, knowing that there is always a comfortable transportation await, where you can regain your personal space.


Incense Travel has been introducing our clients to Ho Chi Minh City with our insider knowledge for many years. Allow us help you find the right interface for your itinerary to Southeast Asia.


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