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Sapa is a hill station in the mountains of Northern Vietnam, and a vestige of the French colonial era. This mountain town is home to ethnic minorities, home stays, trekking opportunities, and panoramic views. The natural beauty and surrounding attractions make Sapa the largest tourist attraction in the mountain north.


Since the early 1900s, French colonialist chose the lofty cool of Fansipan’s surrounds to escape the searing heat of the plains, and began life in Sapa as a hilltop retreat. A visit to Sapa will not only peels away the humidity of Hanoi, but it will also bring you finely-sculptured, emerald-green rice terraces as you ascend the mountain peaks.


While you are in Sapa, you will come across a multitude of ethnic minorities. Chief among them are the Black H’mong, whose dress is black and indigo ornamented with silver jewelry and colorful brocade. The Red Dao is the second largest group here, who also dress in dark clothes but having their hair wrapped up in a bright red scarf bedecked with silver-beaded tassels.


Sapa has different weekly markets for you to explore, most of Sapa markets are in the wilderness, where local hill tribes leave their isolated homes from early morning and hike for miles on the precipitous mountaintop cornfields to reach their weekly markets. Bac Ha market is on Sunday, it has been the focal point for ethnic minorities to meet friends, exchange goods, eat, and even indulge in some of the locally brewed spirits - which is well known as “ruou ngo” or corn wine.


Incense Travel has been guiding adventure lovers through tribal villages and mountain valleys surrounding Sapa, you will enjoy spectacular views on our hike to Ta Phin Village, and the joyous trek on mountain trail from Ta Van to Giang Ta Chai Village. End your day with a good massage service, and enjoy the Red Dao’s herbal bath – the most popular and authentic Red Dao herbal medicated bath experience in Sapa.


Allow Incense Travel’s travel experts to weave this amazing mountain town into your adventure package to Vietnam, our professional guides will show you the best of what Sapa has to offer.


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Bac Ha Hill Tribes Market

This fascinating market on every Sunday morning is the meeting point for many different ethnic minority living in the area, such as Flower H’mong, Black H’mong, Green H’mong, Red H’mong, Black Dao, Red Dao, Phu La, Tay, and Nung people.

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