The Mekong river runs through Laos and Cambodia before entering southern Vietnam, offering a wonderful perspective of everyday life in Cambodia. Cruising along the Mekong, you can pass the colonial capital Phnom Penh and negotiate the floating maze of houses on the Tonle Sap-the Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake. From here you can reach the famous city Sieam Reap, a gateway to the temples of Angkor. Whether travelling on small boat or large cruise, our handcrafted journeys offers a memory of a life time.

Boats & Ships Recommended by Our Experts

Jayavarman Cruise

Jayavarman Cruise is the beautifully crafted boat combining French colonial style with an aura of the Far East. It's meandering along the Mekong River, connecting Vietnam and Cambodia and offering the most scenic river travel in Southeast Asia.

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The Jahan

The Jahan features 26 beautifully-designed cabins on three decks, each with its own private balcony. This cruise offers the luxury and attention to detail of a boutique hotel with the leisurely pace of a river cruise.

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